MSV Approves Resolutions on 2023-4 Legislative Agenda

Date: 11/12/2023  |  Category: VGS News

Delegates to the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Medical Society of Virginia approved the following new policies on pertinent healthcare issues:


Public Health

  • Supporting the increased oversight and investigation of Medicare Advantage plans by relevant authorities
  • Encouraging hospitals and health systems to reduce carbon emissions related to healthcare
  • Supporting AMA policy regarding GME parity for osteopathic medical graduates

Practice Issues

  • Endorsing the need for equitable access to OR time for non-employed surgeons who have admission privileges in Virginia hospitals
  • Supporting a study to determine the feasibility of establishing an employed physicians section within the MSV
  • Endorsing AMA policy on virtual credit card payments and supporting the requirement that physicians must opt-in to receive such payments
  • Supporting the expansion of career fatigue and wellness programs at Virginia medical schools and PA programs
  • Supporting efforts to advance health equity with the addition of health literacy curricula at academic health centers in Virginia
  • Opposing efforts to criminalize obtaining or providing healthcare to patients consistent with the standard of care

Strengthening Families

  • Supporting insurance coverage for diagnosis and treatment for those suffering from male and female factor infertility
  • Endorsing AMA policy on the unique healthcare needs of children living in foster care
  • Supporting the increased investigation, understanding, and awareness of sudden unexpected death from epilepsy including public education and support for affected families.


For more information on MSV legislative priorities and the 2023 wrap-up:


Submitted by Dr. Bhushan Pandya, VGS delegate to the Medical Society of Virginia