MSV Legislative Alert – COPN (act before July 3)

Date: 06/20/2017  |  Category: VGS News

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) is conducting a routine review of the State Medical Facilities Plan (SMFP), which is the guidance document that informs all decisions made in regards to Certificate of Public Need (COPN) applications.  The SMFP has not been subject to a comprehensive review in eight years, underscoring how needless and outdated it is.

MSV supports overhauling Virginia’s antiquated COPN laws and replacing them with a permitting process.  If applicants meet nationally recognized standards of quality and safety, as well as commit to providing charity care, they will be granted a permit.  Replacing the current system with a permitting system would make the SMFP even more unnecessary.

Please click here and take a moment to ask that VDH eliminate the SMFP.  The comment period is open until July 3.

[via Ralston King / Assistant Vice President of Government Affairs / Medical Society of Virginia]