Report from MSV Annual Meeting – October 2013

Date: 03/25/2014  |  Category: VGS News

Dr. Jan Janson, VGS delegate to the Medical Society of Virginia, represents our society at the state level.  The annual meeting of the MSV remains an important conduit of information and actions that may be important to the practice of gastroenterology in our Commonwealth.   Dr. Janson filed the following report:

The 2013 meeting was held at the Omni-Homestead resort in Hot Springs, Virginia  October 25-27, 2013.  Representation from all ten districts and member societies was robust.  There were many resolutions vetted in the reference committees, and recommendations were made to the House of Delegates (HOD).  Of all the resolutions presented, only the 2014 budget and the installation of new officers, including incoming president Sterling Ransone Jr,  MD FAAFP, were adopted.  The remainder of the resolutions was bogged down in a fierce struggle involving potential changes to the MSV’s governance structure and process, adoption of new MSV policy, and support of efforts to lessen the administrative burden on today’s medical practices.  Unfortunately the substantial debate in the HOD ended when a quorum could no longer be confirmed as delegates began to leave and resolutions stalled without deliberation or a vote.

The MSV Board of Directors has voted in favor of holding a special session this spring in order to continue the discussion and consider all resolutions.  There were no specific resolutions germane to gastroenterology.

The MSV remains a very dynamic body to express the interests of practicing physicians and surgeons and to provide advocacy at the state level.  If we all stay involved and keep our ears to the ground, we can continue to ensure that Virginia remains a safe and effective state in which to practice gastroenterology.


Respectfully submitted,

Jan A Janson, MD, FACG

MSV Delegate